Out of the Miasma

When I originally started this blog post yesterday afternoon, it was a bit raw and rough.  Rough to write, a little rough to read.  When the work day wrapped up, I saved it as a draft and went on about my business, putting it aside for the night.  I spent a good chunk of the evening relaxing with friends and classmates before going home to my family.  And when I woke up this morning, I was refreshed, greeted the day with gratitude and blessings, and erased everything I wrote. Continue reading “Out of the Miasma”



This past Sunday, my fiancé and I spent the majority of our day cleaning the house and unpacking boxes that we hadn’t yet gotten to.  And, let’s be honest, there were a *lot* of boxes that still needed unpacking.  After we cleaned the kitchen and main bathroom, he tackled the media room, and I headed into the basement to see what I could accomplish.  I’m very happy to say that the house is looking much better and more livable!  The majority of my ritual items have been unpacked and organized, and it is such a wonderful feeling to have that (mostly) done after a month of everything being boxed. Altar Continue reading “De-Cluttering”

Called to Lead *gulp*

Happy (now belated) December 1st, everyone!

During the full moon last week, I had a few friends over for general hangout fun-times and witchy chat.  Two of these friends look to me for guidance, and the other was my partner-in-crime, Phoenix.  Before Phoenix arrived, I had been helping Neda put together some spell components for a ritual she was doing the following Friday; I am so very proud of her, as this was to be the first ritual that she was writing and leading with another person in attendance that wasn’t me! Continue reading “Called to Lead *gulp*”

Power and Responsibility?

I had intended to post belatedly about what I did during this week’s New Moon, but something much more important has happened tonight which garners the attention of the world: Paris was attacked.

paris Continue reading “Power and Responsibility?”

Magickal Monday: Home Protection Oil

I concocted this oil during the hour of Mars this past Saturday, and the vial is currently sitting on my altar receiving an extra charge and blessing from two of the major Goddesses I work with.  During the New Moon this upcoming Wednesday, I’ll be using this oil in and on my new house to help protect it and us while we’re living there.  The recipe is below. Feel free to use it in its entirety or as a jumping point to make your own! Continue reading “Magickal Monday: Home Protection Oil”

Feeling Witchy?

I’m feeling a little extra witchy today, so I thought I’d share one of my YouTube playlists with you, in case you’re feeling that way, too.  ~.^

Coming Up: New Moon in Scorpio

Before I get into talking about the upcoming New Moon, I want to suggest a handy moon phases app: Deluxe Moon.  I downloaded this app I don’t know how long ago, even splurged and got the paid version (only a few bucks when I got it), and I absolutely love it.  It’s chalked full of detailed information, including tropical and sidereal zodiacs; time since moonrise and until moonset; a calendar of solar and lunar eclipses; moon planting tips; when the moon is VoC (Void of Course); so much that it would take an entire blog post to talk about it!  Continue reading “Coming Up: New Moon in Scorpio”

Obligatory Introduction & Welcome Post

Greetings everyone, or, as they say in various Pagan communities, Merry Meet.

I thought I’d share my ideas behind this blog with you all, now that I’ve finally put it together and have it up and running, and I figured it’d be fun to do it in a question-and-answer format.

Continue reading “Obligatory Introduction & Welcome Post”

Samhain 2015 Continued

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