When we are knowingly about to step into a difficult or confrontational situation, we can adorn ourselves with the accoutrements of battle, whatever they may be for us as individuals.  A business woman may don her sharpest suit, an athlete his lucky socks and tightest-laced shoes.  A priestess may take up her sword, a priest his wand and athame.  The things that we clothe ourselves in, the jewelry and accessories that we choose, the makeup we apply; all of these things lend us their power and their confidence, which we then radiate outwards, their energies woven into our persona.  This is our War Paint.

War Paint

War Paint, however, isn’t simply an offensive technique meant to put off an adversary – it is a defensive one as well, as we seek to protect those parts of us that we know will be hammered at in whatever the situation is that we find ourselves in.  It is one of many tools that we have in our arsenals, the outer glamour that helps to boost self-confidence and self-assurance.

One of the important items to have in our battle arsenal is Calm, which can be accessed with conscious Breath.  To go into a confrontation expecting the worst is akin to the self-fulfilling prophecy, and the energy we emit when in such a mode can lead to a worse situation or outcome than desired.  To keep Calm within us is to also stay level-headed and have the ability to see from different perspectives, different points of view, and to be open to ideas we may not have been open to earlier or in other circumstances.  It is the ability to Respond instead of React.  And while Emotions can become heated, the War Paint that we choose can be a tool that reminds us: Breathe and retain Calm.

I originally started this post a year ago, during a difficult period of my life, and while I have, for the most part, come out of that stage, I find that this topic is still relevant today and one that I have been pondering as of late.  Breathe.  Retain and Be Calm.  Respond, don’t react.  Everything comes full circle, no?

Today, I am with my Breath.
Today, I acknowledge the Breath, and the corresponding Calm that it brings.
Today, I Respond.
Today, I am with my Breath.

Brightest and Darkest Blessings

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