The wheat and the chaff.  The corn and the husk.

To get to the good stuff, we must remove the outer shell and toss it.

It’s the same way with people, in a non-cannibalistic way (but hey, I don’t judge, I hear we taste like chicken). We crave to live from our center, our core being, our true self, and for some people it’s as easy as breathing.  For others, the possible judgments of the outside world make that hard.  We all have our walls, our boundaries, our protections that we put up in regards to how we interact with the world and how it interacts with us in turn, some more than others.  And then we get comfortable within said walls.

But when the inner self grows past the confines of the boundaries, something’s gotta give.

Flame and fire, grain and corn
All that lives will be transformed

Life is about evolution: evolution of the body, the mind, the heart, the soul.  During this harvest time, we must look not only to the outer world and give thanks for what we have but also to the inner one, see what we have grown within ourselves over the year, how we have grown and changed, and determine what is corn and what is husk, what is grain and what is chaff.  That which no longer aids our journey must be sorted and released, no matter how comfortable the self-imposed walls and boundaries may be.  These boundaries can make for some powerful offerings to the Powers that we work with, as we have put much time and energy into them.  Offer them up to the Fires of Transformation, free yourself and let the energy be recycled.

Corn and husk, wheat and chaff
We offer up what holds us back

Shuck the corn and burn the husks.  It makes for a great ritual.  This Lammas night, we chanted and shucked in circle, sharing smiles and laughs as we occasionally tripped up on the words.  And once the corn was shucked, we chanted some more as we one by one grabbed a handful of husk and poured out our limitations to offer to the fire and to our Allies.

Flame and fire, grain and corn
All that lives will be transformed
Corn and husk, wheat and chaff
We offer up what holds us back*

After we rid ourselves of our cages, we blessed the naked ears of corn upon the altar.  Cakes and ale commenced, and then greater feasting once the ritual was over, including partaking of the corn to literally consume the blessings.

What is your corn?  What is your husk?

We all know which one tastes better, anyway.  Keep that one.  Toss the rest.

Lightest and Darkest Blessings.


*Original chant by me.  Feel free to utilize for personal, non-commercial use.