Growth hurts.

Take the acorn for example, or any sort of seed.  The tough outer shell contains everything that little seed needs to eventually become a plant, a tree.  All it takes are the right conditions and that little beauty will flourish.  What we have here is raw potential, albeit protected, safe within its shell.  This is what we are used to, where we are comfortable, what we know, where most want to (and struggle to) stay.

But growth doesn’t happen where or when we’re comfortable.  Growth, in fact, usually never happens on our schedule.


Enter the catalyst, the conditions for growth.  These can be gentle, like a soft rain, but more often than not they are harsh, like a blow with a hammer or a strike of lightning.  Sometimes the soil is our Shadow, the water our tears.  What’s bound to happen though, no matter the conditions, is that the shell will crack.  We break a little.


But the breaking is because we’re growing, the breaking is US pushing outwards, meeting the conditions head on and saying, “Nope, not today, you won’t defeat me.”  Sometimes, most of the time, we’re saying that to ourselves.  The plant, the tree, is ready to escape the protective shell of the seed.  The shell was useful, for a time, but it is now hindering instead of helping.  And we push, and we push, and we struggle and we fight, and eventually…



Sure, growth hurts.  But would it really be growth if it didn’t?

Lightest and Darkest Blessings.