…the little things.

Sometimes, in the busyness of our lives, the hustle and bustle of our schedules and appointments and meetings and errands, we may become so absorbed with what the “I” is doing that we forget about the “we.”  Here’s a little exercise I came up with that is magickal in its own way, and reminds us that the people around us show their love in the little things they do, and we can do the same.  Basically, start a sentence with “Love Is…” and finish it up.  It can be anything that you or your friends, lover(s), family members do that show they care, platonically or romantically.

Love is…
…goodbye kisses before work
…putting the laundry in the dryer
…taking out the trash
…playing with her hair after an awesome D&D session
…midnight cuddles
…talking it out
…walking the dogs together
…taking the dogs out when s/he’s exhausted so s/he doesn’t have to
…picking up a pizza and just chilling when he’s not feeling the best
…giving each other safe space to express feelings and thoughts
…washing the dishes
…the first smile in the morning
…sneaking kisses at work
…random texts because you’re thinking about them
…sitting together in silence

Love is…all the little things.

I’m quite lucky; I’m surrounded by people that love me, and there are three in particular that mean a whole lot to me.  And I admit, my schedule is so busy that I think a lot about the “I,” but these days I’m doing a whole lot more thinking about “We,” and it’s wonderful.

What ways do you show your love?

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