Last week Wednesday, on the 13th anniversary of the beginning of my twisting, winding, crooked path and in the presence of a small congregation of friends, loved ones and peers, my mentor and teacher ordained me as a Priestess in Service to All the Powers That Now Exist (APTNE).  The Teacher, as I call her, has a wide and varied background and serves APTNE.  And yes, APTNE is exactly what it sounds like: ALL the Powers (of light) that are in existence, from any religion, spiritual path, tradition, etc., because if I am to be living a life of Service, why make it exclusive?  The Teacher, who identifies mainly as a Ceremonial Magician, ordained me and gave me a blessing, as did her husband, who is a Bishop in the OTO, and my dear friend Phoenix, a High Priest within the Correllian Wiccan tradition.

My preparation for ordination included daily practices: balancing and shielding, both in the morning and at night; meditation and contemplation; blessing my Ancestors and Allies; moments of gratitude; contemplation on my moral creed; and the creation of a blessing to give to those who came to witness my ordination.

I share that blessing, The First Blessing, with you now.

May your Path be made clear, and aid ever within reach should you have a need
May the Powers be gentle as They guide you on your way
May your Being be filled with the Love of Creation
And may the Blessings of the Universe ever be upon you
Blessed Be


Brightest and Darkest Blessings