This past Sunday, my fiancé and I spent the majority of our day cleaning the house and unpacking boxes that we hadn’t yet gotten to.  And, let’s be honest, there were a *lot* of boxes that still needed unpacking.  After we cleaned the kitchen and main bathroom, he tackled the media room, and I headed into the basement to see what I could accomplish.  I’m very happy to say that the house is looking much better and more livable!  The majority of my ritual items have been unpacked and organized, and it is such a wonderful feeling to have that (mostly) done after a month of everything being boxed. Altar  Our house is a raised ranch, so there is plenty of light streaming in through the windows on either side of what is supposed to be a family room.  I suppose it still will be for us, in a bit of a different way, though up until now we have been spending most of the time in the living room upstairs.  When we originally looked at the house, we both had the same idea – turn it into a meditation/zen/yoga/ritual room! 

I was ecstatic yesterday, unpacking all of my ritual implements and spell ingredients; I even have an antique wooden shelving unit that I set all my herbs, resins, oils, mortars and pestles and cauldrons on.  It sits against one of the north walls, out of direct sunlight.  My new altar is pretty massive and spans the entire window ledge of the eastern side of the room, as well as the top of a cabinet that was my old main altar and a small side-table top or two.  It’s still a little bit of a mess, and I know that I’ll be rearranging things, but it’s getting there.

This de-cluttering is happening at the perfect time, as Yule is upon us!  The Sun is being reborn tomorrow morning, the days will be getting longer, and it is the perfect time to plan for the year ahead.  It’s a solar new year of sorts, and what better way to kick it off than to get rid of the old clutter and start the year fresh?  I plan on being up before the sun tomorrow and celebrating the rebirth of the Solar God as the sun peeks above the horizon.

We still have work to do, both in the basement and other rooms of the house, but it’s something that we’re going to do together, as a family, to turn this house into our home.

Brightest and Darkest Blessings.