Happy (now belated) December 1st, everyone!

During the full moon last week, I had a few friends over for general hangout fun-times and witchy chat.  Two of these friends look to me for guidance, and the other was my partner-in-crime, Phoenix.  Before Phoenix arrived, I had been helping Neda put together some spell components for a ritual she was doing the following Friday; I am so very proud of her, as this was to be the first ritual that she was writing and leading with another person in attendance that wasn’t me!

While we chatted, I took out the Animal Medicine Cards that Sami had gifted me at Samhain.  I had been using them on and off since I received them, and I found that the messages each animal medicine had for me were more or less spot on for whatever reading I was doing, and also helped me look at things in a different way to inspire me into a new direction or solve problems.  I did a single card reading for everyone there, including my fiancé (we live together), to pass along the medicine from each animal.  My fiancé stepped outside for a bit, and when he came back in, he passed the message to us that someone in the room was to go outside and gaze at the moon.  That initial message was for Neda, and after she came back in, I knew that each of us had a message to receive from the Lunar Goddess.  Sami went out and came back with happy tears in her eyes, and then I went out onto the back porch and laid on the bare wood, looking up at Mother in all her silver, luminous beauty.

“Hello,” she said to me.  I could hear the smirk in her voice.  And she spoke to me of getting my ducks in a row because I was going to be called on to lead.  Now, this isn’t a high-and-mighty-ego-trip kind of thing, understand.  For me, this is slightly terrifying.  I have noticed a pattern that weaves in and out of my path where others look to me for guidance and advice and lessons and teaching.  The earliest memory of this was when I was in high school, probably a year or two into my path.  Every so often, three other girls and I would get together to hold circle on my parent’s back porch, and even though at least two of the girls were one and two years older than I, they looked to me for leadership.  I have always done the best that I can throughout the past twelve years, even going so far as attempting to start a group of sorts, but I have also always had this feeling that I do not yet know enough and therefore perhaps am not the best teacher.  I have realized that trying to lead any kind of teaching group solo is an extremely difficult task to take on, and one that I’m not up for yet.  I can help others get a stat and point in some good directions, but other than that, I’m not sure it’s something I can do efficiently at this time.

Anyway, Her message to me carried a little bit more weight this time around, due to a couple things going on in my life.  For one, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m studying with the Temple of Witchcraft and hope to be ordained as a High Priestess within the Temple after I complete the various levels of training.  And the other, well, I’m not sure I should say anything about that yet, other than it seems like a big step for me while at the same time, from an outsider’s view, it is something that I’ve been doing for a while now.  But now we’re tacking on a title with it.

That got kind of personal, heh.  Guess I needed to get it off my chest.

Anyway, it’s December now, and there hasn’t bee any measurable snow fall here in Western New York yet.  According to the weather stations, we may not be seeing any accumulation for the next week and a half!  Here’s to hoping for a white Yule.

Brightest and Darkest Blessings.