I had intended to post belatedly about what I did during this week’s New Moon, but something much more important has happened tonight which garners the attention of the world: Paris was attacked.


From what I have gathered tonight during my breaks in A&P class and after returning home, a premeditated attack took place in at least six different locations in Paris tonight, one of them a theater where the band Eagles of Death Metal was playing a show.  As of the writing of this post, the estimated number of people that were meaninglessly killed is 150+.  The president of France has closed the borders to the country and instituted the first nation-wide curfew since 1944.  Police have taken to the streets en masse, and at least four of the shooters have been taken out.

I am saddened by this event, that so many people lost their lives tonight; that families lost mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents; that lovers lost their partners; that best friends have been separated.  I am saddened that we as a human race are still killing one another, that we are still ruthless, that we are still so apathetic towards life, human and otherwise (yes, I am making a broad, sweeping generalization here).  I am saddened, and, I admit, I am angered.  I am angered that these events continue to happen, that these actions are even considerable to some people, that mass shootings have become a commonplace event.

And I step back, take a good number of breaths to steady myself, and can’t help but wonder.

We are Witches.  We are trained in the ways of working with the Energies of the Universe, with creating change, making magick.  We do wonderful things for ourselves, for our friends, for our loved ones.  But what are we doing for the world, the world in which we live, the world we are leaving to our children?  Yes, we light candles and send healing in situations like these, but is there more that we can do?

A number of my Witchkin are on the path of the social justice warrior in their “mundane” lives, and I applaud them for that.  It is not a path that I have taken; I have been drawn to the path of the healer, which can be viewed as a warrior in its own way.  But, magickally speaking, I have a yearning to do more for the world, to Serve the greater community, to try and leave this place better than how it was handed to me, to us.  I am still working my way towards being a Warrior-Healer and figuring out exactly what that entails, but for now the thought remains: we have the Power – what can we do with it?  What responsibilities do we have to the world because of it?

I wish to start a discussion amongst my peers and respected elders, if anyone would care to weigh in.  I am by no means suggesting that we use our Power to go on the offensive, but what can we do, as a concentrated effort, other than sending healing and casting for peace?  (Don’t get me wrong, those actions are needed, but I feel that there is more Work to be done).  Too often, I feel, do I see reactions instead of positive preemptive action.

My mind is whirling with thoughts that I cannot seem to articulate at the present time in the manner that I wish to; my apologies.  If anyone would like to weigh in, please do so in the comments below.


Brightest and Darkest Blessings.