Before I get into talking about the upcoming New Moon, I want to suggest a handy moon phases app: Deluxe Moon.  I downloaded this app I don’t know how long ago, even splurged and got the paid version (only a few bucks when I got it), and I absolutely love it.  It’s chalked full of detailed information, including tropical and sidereal zodiacs; time since moonrise and until moonset; a calendar of solar and lunar eclipses; moon planting tips; when the moon is VoC (Void of Course); so much that it would take an entire blog post to talk about it!  Here’s a screenshot, with some basic information for next Wednesday’s New Moon in Scorpio:New MoonIt’s available for Apple, Android and Windows tech, and you can try the free version out first to see if you like it.  Or, if you’d rather not download it or don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you can also visit the Deluxe Moon website on a computer.

Okay, so now that I’ve said my blurb about one of my favorite apps, let’s get onto the subject at hand – the upcoming New Moon and the correspondences for that day:

  • New Moon: severing ties, endings, releasing, new beginnings, seeding, planting, introspection, pause/rest, hibernation, slumber.  It is the end of one cycle and beginning of another.  If you started an extended working during the full moon with the intent of diminishing or releasing, the new moon would be the time to finish the working.  You can also start new workings/projects during this phase of the moon, to be completed during the next full moon if you choose to extend the time-frame for the work.  It’s a good time for secretive work and protection magick, as well as blessing divination tools.  For those of us that may have very hectic lives, this would be a good time to take a much-needed and well-deserved rest.
  • Scorpio: fixed sign of water, “fixed” meaning stable, reliable, dependable, firm.  Scorpio energy is loyal, passionate and dynamic, and those under the sign of Scorpio feel things very deeply, even if they don’t show it all the time; they tend to cover their emotions with a calm face.  Water rules the astral plane and emotional body, and is linked to our emotions, intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Wednesday: day of Mercury/Hermes and Odin/Woden, which corresponds with communication of all sorts as well as business relations, creativity, travel and transportation, gambling, luck, education and learning, and working with/communicating with spirits.

The energy of the upcoming New Moon may affect your emotions and passions, perhaps bringing internal issues/feelings to the surface even as the moon progresses from New to Full.  Your awareness may change from looking outwards to inwards, really examining the relationship you have with yourself as opposed to those around you and getting into your own personal nitty-gritty.  If you feel explosive towards someone or a situation, take a moment to step back and ask yourself if they are really the cause of your explosiveness or if perhaps you are projecting something internal onto them.  It’s a good time for personal introspection, but remember to be gentle with yourself.  If emotions aren’t at the forefront of the To-Do list for you, then this would be a great time to do any sort of working that has to do with cleansing the old and blessing the new, protection magick, giving your creativity a jump-start, starting a new book or course of learning, or simply taking that rest I mentioned above.

So what does the above mean?  Well, as Witches, we use correspondences to aid us in our magick so that we are more likely to get the results we’re after, and we use as many or as few as we feel the need to.  Other correspondences are also taken into account, such as Goddess(es)/God(s)/Spirit Allies to call on, timing, color, location, scents, sounds, etc.  Now, before we go too deep into this and your head starts to spin, I’d like to pause to paraphrase my mentor:

“Use what works for you; disregard all else.”

For instance, I know of multiple ways to calculate magickal time, each one from a different tradition or train of thought.  If one method doesn’t fall in line with what I need, I can use another, or I can disregard it.  Magick is about the intent and energy you put into your actions and towards your desired outcome, and the correspondences can only aid you.  So use the correspondences that will help you.  If it won’t help, don’t use it.  Another of my favorite quotes from her:

“If it’s impossible, it’s not necessary.  If it’s necessary, it’s possible.”

Simply put, if, while putting together a spell or ritual, absolutely nothing is working out for you and none of the correspondences fall in line, then it is not necessary to do the working.  However, if you feel that it is absolutely necessary, you will find a way.  It’s both a tid-bit of sage advice as well as an encouragement: So, you really want to do this?  Well, if it’s that important, figure it out.

What are my plans for the New Moon?  Having just closed on my new house, my intent for that night is to do a thorough cleansing, a blessing and a protection on the house and property.  I am currently concocting a protection oil in my head that I will create to utilize during the working, and I will be sharing the recipe in a post next week, before the New Moon.  I will also be sharing cleansing tips as well as a house blessing that I created, which you can use in its entirety or use as a jumping point to write your own.  I may have another idea or two, but shhh, those are for my eyes only.  Where’s the fun in being a Witch if there’s no secrecy involved?  ~.^  (On a more serious note, secrecy is both important and necessary, but more on that in a future post, perhaps.)

Do you have any ideas or plans for the upcoming New Moon?  If you feel so inclined to share, comment below – I’d love to hear them!

Brightest and Darkest Blessings