War Paint

When we are knowingly about to step into a difficult or confrontational situation, we can adorn ourselves with the accoutrements of battle, whatever they may be for us as individuals.  A business woman may don her sharpest suit, an athlete his lucky socks and tightest-laced shoes.  A priestess may take up her sword, a priest his wand and athame.  The things that we clothe ourselves in, the jewelry and accessories that we choose, the makeup we apply; all of these things lend us their power and their confidence, which we then radiate outwards, their energies woven into our persona.  This is our War Paint.

War Paint Continue reading “War Paint”


Fires of Transformation

The wheat and the chaff.  The corn and the husk.

To get to the good stuff, we must remove the outer shell and toss it.

It’s the same way with people, in a non-cannibalistic way (but hey, I don’t judge, I hear we taste like chicken). We crave to live from our center, our core being, our true self, and for some people it’s as easy as breathing.  For others, the possible judgments of the outside world make that hard.  We all have our walls, our boundaries, our protections that we put up in regards to how we interact with the world and how it interacts with us in turn, some more than others.  And then we get comfortable within said walls.

But when the inner self grows past the confines of the boundaries, something’s gotta give. Continue reading “Fires of Transformation”

Snake Skin

You’re not required to keep what’s left.

Those were the words the great goddess Isis said to me, sharply, decisively, during the Summer Solstice/Full Moon.  She spoke through Phoenix’s lips, her eyes meeting mine through his.  I was a little taken aback; we had been instructed to consider a question that we would like an answer to, and that was most definitely not an answer that I had expected to the question I had asked. Continue reading “Snake Skin”

Jaguar and Spider

I turned 28 yesterday.

Is it weird to say that 28 just feels right?  More so than 27.  At least, that’s the feeling I got yesterday as well as this morning.  Perhaps it’s because of the Work I’ve been doing, that things are either falling more into place or clearing out so I can start anew.  I have this overall feeling of renewal, and it’s wonderful.

28.  The year of my Saturn Return. A new year.  New beginnings.  Do-overs. Continue reading “Jaguar and Spider”

Axis Mundi

I climbed up through the trunk, came out among the branches.  The sunlight streamed through the leaves, a light wind caused them to dance, and I took in the fresh, crisp air.  It was beautiful.  I stood among the limbs of my towering oak and reveled for a moment in the feeling.  And when I lowered my eyes to the leaves themselves, I saw that they were curling, drying, dying.  Not all, but most.  It was not the correct season for this, I realized with exclamation.  Continue reading “Axis Mundi”

Lessons from Acorn

Growth hurts.

Take the acorn for example, or any sort of seed.  The tough outer shell contains everything that little seed needs to eventually become a plant, a tree.  All it takes are the right conditions and that little beauty will flourish.  What we have here is raw potential, albeit protected, safe within its shell.  This is what we are used to, where we are comfortable, what we know, where most want to (and struggle to) stay. Continue reading “Lessons from Acorn”

Chasing Butterflies and Saturn Return

Today is the 6th of June, and in just 8 short days I will be turning 28.  Life has been nothing short of a roller coaster lately (seems like it’s been nothing but for the past few months!), and while speaking with my dear Phoenix-Fox this weekend over dinner, he knowingly smiled and mentioned Saturn Return.  Now, I had heard of Saturn Return in the past but could not quite remember what it was, so of course I asked if he would remind me.  He did so, and my response was more or less a combination of face palm, head-desk and “Well…fuck.” Continue reading “Chasing Butterflies and Saturn Return”

Love Is…

…the little things.

Sometimes, in the busyness of our lives, the hustle and bustle of our schedules and appointments and meetings and errands, we may become so absorbed with what the “I” is doing that we forget about the “we.”  Here’s a little exercise I came up with that is magickal in its own way, and reminds us that the people around us show their love in the little things they do, and we can do the same.  Continue reading “Love Is…”

The First Blessing

Last week Wednesday, on the 13th anniversary of the beginning of my twisting, winding, crooked path and in the presence of a small congregation of friends, loved ones and peers, my mentor and teacher ordained me as a Priestess in Service to All the Powers That Now Exist (APTNE).  Continue reading “The First Blessing”

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